Frequently Asked Questions

Is the conference open to all denominations?
Yes! We welcome any woman who wants to spend time in the Word of God and in praise and worship of Jesus Christ.
Is there an age limit for Girlfriend Getaway?
No. A woman of any age is welcome at our conferences as long as she is able to actively participate in all sessions without disrupting anyone else.
Is childcare provided at the conferences?
No. We are not able to provide any childcare but encourage you to find outside care for your children so you can have some refreshing time with other women and the Lord.
Can I still stay overnight even though the conference is now one day?
Yes! You can stay the night before or the night after (or both). All you need to do is contact an area hotel and make arrangements with them directly. Please note: Girlfriend Getaway is NOT responsible for the cost for any hotel stay or any other miscellaneous charges you may incur.
Do you offer special group rates?
Yes! We are excited to offer this new benefit with GFG 2.0 Refreshed! BEFORE you register, simply email us at info@gfgetaway.com and we will be happy to assist you in making sure this process is as smooth as possible.
Can I get an itinerary of the conference?
When you come to our Registration table upon arrival, you will receive an agenda with your conference materials. When you enter, look for the Girlfriend Getaway signs that direct you to us.
How can I get information to publicize this conference at my church?
You can download the dvd promotional clip from our website for viewing at your local church or Bible study group. Usage of our logo and other material from our websites must be specifically requested and approved by Cindy Foor Ministries. Requests for usage should be emailed to us at info@gfgetaway.com and should include details of how you are requesting to use it.
How can I donate to this ministry?
Donations are greatly appreciated and will be used specifically for furthering the ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ via current and/or future Girlfriend Getaway conferences. You can write a check to “Cindy Foor Ministries” and mail it to PO Box 22143, York, PA 17402. Or you can donate online via PayPal on our Donation Page.
How can I get a Girlfriend Getaway conference to come to my city?
We would love to come to your city! If you think that you’d like to help us coordinate that possibility, please email us at info@gfgetaway.com and we’ll gladly work with you! Every year, we hope to add more cities to our tour and will be publicizing our yearly schedule as soon as all details are finalized.

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